Path to success

I started out with tech support, then I moved to account security and billings, eventually I got promoted supervisor but as I wanted to work within more complex fraud patterns, I became a Fraud Analyst for the iTunes WW team.

Fraud Analyst

 As a Fraud analyst, my role is focusing on spotting frauds taking place and developing a high fraud logic, however, aside from my main role I developed myself powerful scripts and apps which allow me to save a considerable amount of time on each review and increase accuracy at the same time.




I am an independent and self-managed person, fluent in French, English and Portugues, written and verbal.

I am extremely well organised, excellent at multi-tasking, motivated always to the highest level with work given to me, deadlines always reached and a excellent self-learner.

It is because of these skills and attributes that my work is carried out quickly and accurately, in high volume.


Stuff I do

Financial Analyst

Looking on spending behaviour, finding abuse attempts or more hostile frauds, while keeping in mind the customer satisfaction


Calibrating with the team on our Fraud logic, action needed and focus in order to find the right balance between fraudster neutralization and customer satisfaction, target, zero false positive


Coding new scripts and apps which will improve our workflow and help with dealing with the high volume but generating rules and automatism's


I'm self-managed, I set my own goals and targets, create complex live sheets and graphs, planning metrics on a realistic level and make sure they are achieved or exceeded.


Sharing new trends found, but also leaving notes and indication for support sites. Providing feedback with the WW team


Security and privacy is my priority, I have high expectations on this topic, starting with a secure internal and external network,
local encryption and secure behaviours


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