Who I am

I'm from la reunion where I was born, I grew up then in French Guiana, moved to Paris when I was 22, and then to Cork at 26 to work with Apple Operation International.

I've always shown interest in new technologies, learning new skills, always wanting to do more, to do better.

I started out with iOS tech support, then became an account security advisor and iTunes Fraud analyst,
But all my determination and knowledge brang me to Apple Operation department, especially in the QA service.

  I have a lot of interest in development, HTML5, PHP, Objective-C, Swift and so more.

Stuff I do

I am known for my strong organizational skills and my attention to detail.
I'm also a team player and try to keep my team updated and working well together. I always provide feedback on previous cases and internal tools. People come naturally to my desk on a daily basis for help


  • Report BuGS

  • VALIDATE unreleased build



One more thing

I speak French, English, Portuguese,
And I'm full of surprises!
now that you are just a few clicks away to hire me,
you can either send me an email below,
access my linkedin profile here or see my pictures in flickr